About Us

IT (Information Technology) is often used solely in reference to computers, but there are many other aspects that are included.  IT repair encompasses physical hardware, like your computers, printers and phones, but also includes servers, databases, operating systems and applications or programs. At Full Byte Solutions, we can assist you with the repair, maintenance and building of all of these systems.

Full Byte Solutions can tackle any job, large or small.  We handle projects from single computer setup, installation and repair to managing entire business systems.  Whether you need help setting up your personal computer, or are running a small or large business with a complex network, we can assist you!


  • Onsite IT Services
  • Systems Building and Installation
  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring
  • Network Servicing
  • Computer Setup and Repair
  • Consulting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Systems Upgrades
  • General Repairs